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ITV's Finding Alice - A Lesson For Us All?


Has anyone been watching ‘Finding Alice’ on ITV? It’s a great drama with Keeley Hawes. If you have been following it, you will have seen the problems that can ensue if you don’t make a will!

In the programme, Harry and Alice were unmarried and Harry passed away without a will. This meant, despite the length of time they had been together as a couple, Alice did not inherit any of Harry’s assets. There was also a large, unexpected Inheritance Tax bill for Harry’s parents.

If Harry had sought advice on making a will, all the upset and turmoil he had left behind for his family could have been avoided. That said, it would have been a very boring series!

It really is so quick and simple to make a will to ensure that your loved ones are looked after. It is also extremely important to get the right advice about the options available to you and the tax implications. A DIY will can cause more harm than good if advice has not been sought and it has been poorly drafted.

I am a local solicitor based in Tonbridge and I can help you. My fees are competitive, I offer a free initial chat and I can also provide evening and weekend video appointments.

Please contact me on 01892 354354 or at if you would like to discuss this further.

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